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China factories extend slump

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 11:05 pm

China's factories continued to struggle in April, according to an early gauge of activity in the country's all-important manufacturing sector.

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  • Tech Savvy at 50?

    Monday, January 9, 2012

    Iím 50 now.  Shhh Ė donít tell anyone.  My brain still hasnít caught up with my physical age in many ways, and I kind of hope it doesnít.   Iím actually working on just the opposite Ė getting my physicality in a little better shape, and a little Ďyounger.í  Itís a long-term commitment, for sure.

    My brain does act 50 sometimes though Ė when it comes to being technology-savvy, Iím a little slow to get on board.  It took a lot of poking and prodding to get me on Facebook.  Iíve been on it for a few years, and I have to face facts Ė my technology-driven friends were Ďright on.í  Iíve reconnected & learned more about friends -from my current pals all the way back to elementary school chums.  Facebook is as intimidating as I let it be.  Iíve learned to manage the urge to be on it incessantly.  Iíve become closer with some of my friends as a result, and I know some acquaintances better than before.

    I have a Smartphone, read books and magazines on my Kindle, am on LinkedIn (the professional social network, so they say), and I do most of my banking via the internet.  I get my bank statements via email, and I have to stop sometimes as I flip through my mail at home Ė and ask myself why havenít I signed up for almost everything to come electronically?   So much paper is wastedÖ.

    Truth is, Iím not quite as tech-savvy as I could be, but Iím solidly above the bottom of the matrix.  Maybe Iím in the Ďfirst quartileí of tech-savvy?  I donít tweet, use Foursquare or Hootsuite, and frankly, donít even know what a couple of those are.  But Iím trying. Are you?

    The New Year gives us the little nudge we need sometimes to try something new. Maybe youíve been thinking about trying online banking or online bill pay. Maybe youíd like to use mobile banking, but youíre just not sure. Do it. Take that leap and try something new this year. Who knows, maybe youíll be like this 50 year old and find that technology can be good. 

  • Now That The Holidays Are Over...

    Tuesday, January 3, 2012

    Youíve made it through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, holiday gift exchanges, holiday dinners, family gatherings, post-holiday sales, gift returns, refunds, exchanges and you ask yourself now what?  Well, thereís no doubt that during all of the holiday festivities that you have most likely used your MutualBank debit cards, credit cards, and checks.

    Youíve probably used your MutualBank financial tools more over the last several weeks than the previous couple of months put together.  This means unfortunately there are more opportunities for fraud to occur during the holiday season.  Fraudsters and hackers are always attempting to get bank account information, especially during the holidays. One of the most important resources MutualBank has are our customers. That's why you will see us continue in the fight to protect consumers against fraud. 

    You are part of our front line defense against consumer financial fraud.  Our job is to make sure that our customers, like you, are informed to protect their financial assets against fraud.  A simple first step is to make sure that you know your spending habits.  The easiest way you can do this is to carefully review your bank and credit card statements that cover the holiday time period.

    Tips on reviewing your holiday spending:

    • Use your statements or MutualBankís Personal Online BankingÖare you signed up for eStatements yet?  
    • Look for extra charges from retailers that you visited.
    • Pay close attention to your online purchase listings. 
    • View your cleared checks to make sure that they were not altered in any way to change the payees or dollar amounts.
    • If you see any debits or charges on your statements that look suspicious please notify our Customer Support area immediately by email or by calling 800-382-8031. Additionally, we welcome you to stop by any of our locations!

    If you are a victim of online fraud you should also file a complaint at the Internet Crime Complaint Center

    Like what you read today? Stay tuned. At the beginning of every month, weíll provide you with new security tips. Just one more way weíre trying to help you live a better life!

  • Last Minute Christmas Shopping

    Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    Are all of your gifts bought and wrapped? If so, Iím impressed!

    Generally speaking, I am shopping all the way up to Christmas day. Sometimes itís because I canít decide what to buy and sometimes itís simply because I havenít made enough time to shop. Either way, there have been times Iíve found myself in a bind. Itís Christmas Eve and I finally decide what I want to give, but I canít purchase it before the store closes. So what am I to do?

    This year, I started shopping a couple of weeks ago and throughout one of my purchases, I had an experience I couldnít resist sharing with you. Did you know you could use your UChoose Loyalty Reward points for gift cards? Did you know you could get some of those gift cards the same day? Let me share with you about my recent Christmas shopping experience.

    I was using my lunch hour to complete some online Christmas shopping.  It just so happened that I could get four different gifts for people on Once I confirmed my soon to be gifts, I proceeded to checkout.  As I arrived on the page asking for my debit or credit card number, I realized I could get a gift card with my UChoose Loyalty Rewards. It only occurred to me while I was checking out because a day earlier, my coworker said you can get UChoose Loyalty Reward gift cards emailed to you rather than wait the 7-10 days for a plastic gift card to come in the mail.

    So I hopped over to the UChoose Loyalty Reward website to purchase a gift card with my points. I found the Amazon gift card, selected the amount I wanted, chose how I would prefer to receive it (mail or email) and added it to my cart.  (Side note: I found in most cases, it was cheaper, less points that is, to choose the email option than the plastic option.) After I confirmed my purchase, I went over to my email and lo and behold, there it was!  I used the gift card immediately and was able to complete my Amazon purchase.

    As Christmas is only five days away, I thought you needed to know about this convenience. If youíre anything like me, still sorting out who to buy for and what to get, keep in mind UChoose Loyalty Reward gift cards. You could order it and receive it in less than 15 minutes.

    Go aheadÖfinish that last minute Christmas shopping today!

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