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Larry Wilmore gets groans and grimaces at White House Correspondents gala

Sunday, May 1, 2016 12:21 am

Larry Wilmore already succeeded Stephen Colbert once, as host of the program (now dubbed "The Nightly Show") that follows "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central. And he sought to do it again Saturday night, delivering a pointed, coolly received routine as the featured entertainment at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

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Happy birthday MutualBank!

Posted by: Jaime Faulkner on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 at 10:05:21 am

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday MutualBank. Happy birthday to you!

On September 7, 1889, the Mutual Home and Savings Association was formed. The purpose of Mutual Home over a century ago was very simple. The Association provided a safe place for saving money and a source of funds available to the community for the building and purchasing of homes.  122 years later, we still serve that purpose, but are better equipped to serve all of the needs of our customers of today.

As one of the oldest businesses in our markets, MutualBank has grown and prospered over the full course of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first century, meeting the financial needs of its customers through times of war and peace as well as prosperity, recession and even depression. While on the surface this proves we are a bank that meets the needs of our customers; there is something greater that exists below the surface. There is a culture that unless part of the MutualBank family, you might not know exists. When you become part of the MutualBank family, you learn that this is much more than a job that earns a paycheck. You learn about the essence of MutualBank – heritage and personal responsibility.

Heritage. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines heritage as “something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor”. After 122 years in business, we realize there were many before us who paved the way and created a culture in helping our neighbors. Our entire organization was founded on the premise that it could help people improve their lives. One of my favorite stories over our history is of a time during the Great Depression. It is told as follows:

“Even a greater problem which people encountered during the 1930’s involved meeting their mortgage payments. Once again, however, Mutual Home fared reasonably well; but, unquestionably, people who were unemployed found it extremely difficult to make their mortgage payments. If a delinquency became too serious, the usual policy called for the property to be deeded back to Mutual Home, which, in turn renovated and rented it, sometimes to the original purchaser with an option to re-acquire it at a later date.” Walter Burt, who was a member of the board of directors at Mutual Home said of that time, “We just had to be flexible and patient and work out the best arrangements that were possible. In time, most people got back on their feet. Many repurchased and eventually paid off their loan.”

To understand the heritage of MutualBank automatically changes what we do from just “a job” to something personal. MutualBank is a mid-sized community bank. We have checking accounts, loans, and mobile banking just like other banks. So what makes MutualBank special? Our employees are dedicated and take personal responsibility to continue moving forward with our already established culture. If we take personal responsibility to provide the best service, do what is right and have compassion and respect for our customers, we believe our customers would not want to bank with anyone else but us.  

Obviously, we believe our duty and our role in the community is much more than providing financial services. We are people and a company seeking to help people, to help our neighbor. We’re just using banking as a platform to do so.  And that’s always been the case. We know, understand and consciously make decisions based on the fact that if it weren’t for our customers and our community, we wouldn’t be here. It is truly a tribute to our customers and our communities that we have been in business for 122 years. Our hope is that the partnership between MutualBank and the community has been mutually beneficial.

We thank you for taking a moment with us and celebrating the success and longevity of MutualBank. 

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