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$10 Makes a Difference

Posted by: Jaime Faulkner on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 8:45:40 am

2011 marks Muncie's Habitat for Humanity 25th anniversary of serving families in our community with 'a place to call home'. 

In October of this year Muncie Habitat will build a home for its 100th family! Muncie Habitat is inviting the entire community to ‘Make a $10 Dollar Difference’ and support the funding of this house. In just one week (This week - September 12-17), Muncie Habitat and local media outlets are campaigning to raise $50,000 through $10 donations from 5,000 people in our community.

On Monday, September 12th, the 'traveling wall' made it's appearance at the Downtown Muncie office! 

MutualBank and Habitat for Humanity have been longtime partners. In fact, for their entire existence in this community, MutualBank has supported Habitat for Humanity. MutualBank has worked with many of Habitat’s partner families.  MutualBankers have donated both work time and personal time to help on worksites. Additionally, MutualBank has helped Habitat for Humanity secure grants for funding. 

So the question is...why? Why are we so involved? It's simple. 

"Homeownership makes a difference in the lives of families. A decent place to live is the foundation for a better life."

Habitat for Humanity has this statement on their website and it is the exact reason why we support Habitat for Humanity. We support home ownership and want to help people live better lives. So we'll do our part, it's your turn to do yours. If you'd like to support Habitat's efforts to build their 100th home, you can donate in three ways:

  1. Habitat for Humanity's website
  2. Any MutualBank location -in Delaware County
  3. Any of the locations of the traveling wall
    1. Wednesday 9/14 - 3p-6p Dillman's Furniture
    2. Thursday 9/15 - 4p-7p Texas Roadhouse
    3. Friday 9/16 - 3p-6p Victory Honda
    4. Saturday 9/17 - 3p-5p Glass & More Factory
Will you join us in helping others in our community live a better life?
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