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I Love Free Stuff - Using Your Debit Card Rewards to Your Advantage

Posted by: Jenny Yarbrough on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 12:00:00 am

My husband and I just returned from an awesome vacation.  It was sunny and warm and a great break this time of year.  Do you know what was even better? The free stuff!  We are points people.  We saved up enough points so that we both had free airfare and five nights hotel stay in a super nice resort.  How awesome is that?

We have friends who use their points for upgrades when they travel.  Another friend used their points to go parasailing while on vacation.  I have a very practical friend who uses her points for gift cards to buy the everyday stuff her family needs. The greatest thing about points is that we can use them for whatever we want.  That is what we love about UChoose Loyalty RewardsUChoose Loyalty Rewards is more than a debit card rewards program.  It rewards us for our loyalty to MutualBank, for our deposit, loan and investment balances.  It also gives us points when we open up new services AND we earn points when we use our debit card.  Woo Hoo!  That is so awesome!

UChoose Loyalty Rewards just became even more awesome and I wanted to tell you some of the new things that make the program even better:

  1. UChoose Rewards now has featured merchants who will give you special offers and bonus points for shopping with them.  Check out the special offers when you log in at UChooseRewards.com
  2. Now you donít have to worry if you donít have quite enough points for the item youíve been saving for.  You can go ahead and get it now, and buy the rest of the points needed with your debit card.
  3. If you are impatient like me, you donít even have to wait for your gift card to arrive in the mail, you can get it electronically in minutes delivered to your email.
  4. Oh, and speaking of impatient, if you donít want to wait for your item to arrive by mail, some of the products have in store pick up, once youíve paid for it with your points.

UChoose Loyalty Rewards just keeps getting better and better.  So I have to ask the question, are you signed up for UChoose Loyalty Rewards?  If not, let me remind you itís free. If youíre already signed up, awesome.  Tell me what you love about UChoose Loyalty Rewards or how you use your points at marketing@bankwithmutual.com .   I love to hear your stories. 

If youíre not signed up, do it now, donít wait!  Once you register your debit card at UChooseRewards.com youíll start earning points right away.  Maybe youíre thinking that you donít need it because you use your credit card to accumulate points, thatís great!  A lot of people do the same thing.  But donít you want to earn points on the items that you do purchase with your debit card? I know I do.  Besides, if you donít sign up, you miss out on the rewards you can get for your account balances and the bonus points for new services and shopping at select retailers.  Donít throw away the points you could be receiving.  Start earning today!

Learn more about UChoose Loyalty Rewards.
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