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Be On Guard!

Posted by: Jaime Faulkner on Friday, September 6, 2013 at 12:00:00 am

Scammers are everywhere. It's easy to be tricked into sharing personal information with someone who shouldn't receive it. We have learned that customers of some banks and credit unions in Indiana are the target of scammers. Currently, MutualBank customers are not targeted, but it's important to be on guard. 

What you need to know is that we will never call or email you asking for you to identify personal information. This includes information about your accounts, your personal identifying information, your debit or credit card information. If someone is calling or emailing you asking you to take action or provide information, please hang up immediately. 

These kinds of scams are often called "Social Engineering". Check out our blog from 2012 called "Social Engineering...Don't Be Fooled and Keep Your Information Safe". This will help you protect your information and bank accounts if scammers target you.

If you have accidentally provided information about your debit or credit cards or your bank accounts to someone, please contact us immediately.
Call us at (800) 382-8031 or stop by a Financial Center near you.

Learn more about what to do if you believe you're victim to debit card fraud. 

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