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2014 MutualBank Summer Internships A Win, Win, Win

Posted by: Tony Pantello on Friday, June 27, 2014 at 2:00:00 pm

Do you remember that scene from The Office (the American version), where Michael Scott discusses conflict resolution methods and introduces the “Win-Win-Win” method? Here’s a refresher in case you need a laugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBO1_XBrbzQ

Jokes aside, a win-win-win is the way we view our internship opportunities. It’s a win of course for the students who get valuable real-world work experience and build professional  relationships. It’s a win for MutualBank, as we gain access to bright, young talent that adds value to a variety of our departments. And finally, it’s a win for the college/university these students attend as internship opportunities provide a hands-on education not possible from the typical classroom.

In the summer of 2014, that university is Ball State University. MutualBank has been privileged to enjoy a long-standing relationship with Ball State and its internship program. We’re thrilled that the opportunities we provide align with Ball State’s immersive learning initiative and to have an active, yearly role in it.

This summer MutualBank has been pleased to welcome Alex Gorman, Nick Miles, Nick Plavchak, and Jake Sciaudone as interns. Below is a short description of each's job duties and quotes from their managers.



  • Alex Gorman - Information Security 
    Alex previously job shadowed with MutualBank earlier this year and it resulted in an internship opportunity this summer. Alex is winding down his studies and will be graduating very soon. “Alex has been a great addition to the Information Security department,” commented his direct supervisor. “His eagerness to learn and expand his knowledge base will serve him well in an IT career moving forward.“ 

  • Nick Miles - Human Resources
    Nick is a Marketing Major and a defensive end for the Ball State Football team.  He is assisting the HR department with some recruiting initiatives and internal marketing efforts.  Chase Batt, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources & Training, commented: “Nick has been a great addition to the MutualBank team this summer. He has created several internal marketing videos for our Wellness Program, Marketing department, and Human Resources department. We wouldn’t have been able to complete these videos so quickly without Nick’s assistance.”
  • Nick Plavchak - Deposits & Sales
    Nick is a Sales Major and plays offensive line for the Ball State Football team. Robin Timbrook, Vice President, Deposits and Sales, had this to say about Nick and his work:  “Nick has been a great addition and help to me personally and to our Sales Department. I have learned so much about Millennials and how they prefer to bank. Nick's been eager to learn and get involved in projects and I’m hopeful this experience will be one he can utilize in his continued professional career.”
  • Jake Sciaudone - Commercial Lending 
    Jake has extended his spring internship with us from earlier this year through this summer. Jake is a triple major in Economics, Finance, and Accounting. Reed Levitz, Senior Credit Analyst, Business Banking, who works with Jake frequently said, “Jake has enveloped himself in the mindset that it takes to be a critical thinker and produce results for the company.  He has an inquisitive mind that is essential in developing the knowledge base to be an effective commercial underwriter.”

We very much appreciate all the hard work of our 2014 summer interns! We hope the experience has proved valuable and is a springboard to their continued growth and success. We have a hunch it will be!


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