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Zuckerberg 'miscarriage' story prompts outpouring of emotions

Friday, July 31, 2015 4:44 pm

"It's a lonely experience," Mark Zuckerberg says, writing about his wife Priscilla Chan's three miscarriages.

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  • Our Employees Make a Difference

    Tuesday, December 17, 2013

    The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “culture” as the beliefs, customers, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place or time.

    The MutualBank culture has always been one to support our community and particularly our local United Way agencies. You might be wondering “Why support the United Way?” or “Why not just support the non-profits directly?”

    As a financial institution, we get asked for sponsorships and donations all throughout the year. There are many great causes in Indiana and especially within our footprint. Unfortunately, we cannot financially support each one of these efforts. Certainly we wish we could, but we cannot. It is because of this conundrum that we have a culture of supporting the United Way.

    In short, United Way acts like a funnel for funds donated. It gathers and pools together as many of the resources that are available in the community. Then it takes a look at the areas of greatest need and distribute funds back out. While we are involved in our communities, we are not a non-profit who fills a void in the community. As economies change, so do the needs. As companies close, schools consolidate or demographics change, the needs in our community change. The United Way keeps a pulse on those changes, enabling opportunities for the needs of our direct community to be met.

    MutualBank’s vision is to help people live better lives. We do that by helping our customers and communities receive banking products and services that align with their lifestyle. We help by living out our “Four C’s”: Character, Compassion, Class and Competition. But we also live out our vision by impacting the community around us in a positive way. In 2013, I think we did just that.

    Across our footprint (Delaware, Elkhart, Grant, Kosciusko, Randolph, St. Joseph and Wabash counties), MutualBank is contributing $117,800 to the United Way! The donations came from MutualBank employee donations, MutualBank retiree donations and a donation through the MutualBank Charitable Foundation. This shows through each individual donation, we can come together with one purpose of helping people.  Just like the United Way, we can join efforts to make brighter headlines and lasting impact.

    A special “Thank You” to MutualBank employees from Pat Botts,
    MutualBank President and COO:

    “I am consistently amazed at the generosity our staff shows towards people who need us. Thanks for making this a great place to call home!”

    Thank you for believing in the MutualBank culture of helping people live better lives. Thank you for being generous with your time and resources so that we can make a lasting impact on the communities where we work, live and play. L to R): MutualBank Senior Vice President and United Way Campaign Chair, Chris Caldwell and CEO and Executive Director of the United Way of Delaware County, Jenni Marsh.

  • What Happens When You're Gone: Administrating An Estate

    Monday, December 2, 2013

    Scavenger Hunt was a very funny 1979 movie about settling the will of fictional game maker “Milton Parker”. Various groups of potential heirs- family, servants, and other acquaintances- had to play Mr. Parker’s final game, a scramble to find items on a scavenger hunt list to accumulate the most points in order to be sole heir of his fortune. 

    After many humorous adventures acquiring the items it looked as though Mr. Parker’s greedy sister would win but the other groups gave their items to the more deserving granddaughter who won and shared the fortune with all but the greedy sister.

    It was a lesson in how people can come together under adverse circumstances, overcome greed, and be happier for it. Unfortunately in real life the loss of a loved one is very serious and settling an estate can often be very difficult for those left behind.

    Administering an estate is a demanding and complex business that can take months or years to complete. Executors (also called personal representatives) must know how to locate and place a value on all of your assets such as bank accounts, investment accounts, real estate, and personal property and to determine and pay all debts and claims against your estate.

    The executor must work with your attorney to open the estate, manage, maintain and protect your property and investments while the estate is being settled, calculate and pay all taxes and file tax returns, distribute your assets as directed and give an accurate final accounting if required.

    Your executor should not be emotionally involved in the situation. For an already distraught relative or friend the job can be overwhelming. In addition, a relative or friend acting as executor might create family conflicts, jealously, or mistrust. Appointing a neutral, unbiased third party eliminates the potential for this type of trouble.

    Your executor must be competent and experienced in settling estates and should be trained in investments, tax law, business, and accounting.

    Your executor must always be available. Will an individual executor be in good health and nearby when needed possibly many years later? An executor who lives in a different city or co-executors who live in separate states will find it difficult to complete the tasks on a timely basis.

    Your executor is held legally and financially responsible and must have the resources to correct or compensate for any errors.

    MutualWealth Management Group will always be available to carry out your wishes as expressed in your will efficiently and effectively unaffected by inexperience, biases or family pressures.

    In order to have the professionals in our MutualWealth Management Group administer your estate, contact your attorney and have MutualBank named as your executor or personal representative; or contact us and we will help you gather the information you need before visiting your attorney.

    This blog was brough to you by David Riggs, Vice President and Trust Investment Officer with the MutualWealth Management Group.

  • Deer Need Banking Too

    Tuesday, November 19, 2013

    Not too long ago I saw a post on MutualBank’s Facebook page of a picture of three deer at our Bethel Financial Center in Muncie and the caption read, “Deer need banking, too.” I thought this was a pretty neat picture and post. I know it’s the time of year for deer to be out and about. Deer have been on my mind recently, believe it or not, and the above-mentioned Facebook post was just one of the reasons. And no, I’m not a hunter.  You see, I just turned 36 and I remember 20 years ago finally snagging my driver’s license. My Dad gave me a lot of advice but not necessarily about driving. I grew up in one of ‘those’ families who let their kids drive at an early age, dating back to sitting on Dad’s lap and him working the pedals with me at the wheel. Looking back, I’m sure Dad probably had a hand ready to take the wheel, but he chose to give me that experience and showed me trust even at an early age. 

    You’re probably reading and thinking what in the heck does this have to do with banking. Well, not much, but it does have a lot to do with experience, advice, and learning. The advice Dad gave me at 16 still runs through my head today. One piece of Dad’s advice was, “When it starts to rain, oil raises to the top of the pavement and the road will get slick.” Another was, “Keep an eye out for other drivers. At night, don’t rely on looking for headlights, look harder and make sure there are no cars coming when you turn on to a busy road.” Receiving my license in a rural town in Indiana during harvest season led him to give me one additional piece of advice, “When it is harvest season, deer are scared because of all of the farm equipment.  Many deer are in the fields and will run across the road to get away from the tractors. Keep an eye out for deer.”

    I recently told Dad as we were driving late at night, “Dad, you know one thing I never forget is you telling me during this time of year, keep an eye for deer.” We chuckled and had a moment that is kind of cool for a young man, at one time a little boy, to share with his father. It was special to let him know that his seemingly insignificant advice wasn’t insignificant at all. Just a few moments later as we approached a curve there stood three deer right beside the road. We both emphatically said – “look there, right there they are!” We again chuckled at my coincidental earlier comment. I listened to my Dad’s advice.

    A few weeks later I was teaching a customer service class at MutualBank.  A piece of this two-day training is lunch with our COO the first day and our CEO the second day.  During our CEO’s presentation he talked about experience as a key component to growth and development.  That’s when he made a comment that struck me and it brought all of my driving experience and my Dad’s advice to the forefront of my mind. Dave, our CEO said, “I had a mentor, the President before me, who said, ‘Dave, you can only get 10 years experience in 10 years’.” This comment, this simple truth, was profound.  It’s true. Dad had several years of experience that he imparted on me as I started driving. As simple as it may be, it made a difference to me. Sometimes we need a mentor, someone to guide us and give us advice to help us grow personally and professionally. I’ve had several influential individuals, like my Dad, my previous managers, current manager, co-workers and friends who have given me great personal and professional advice.  I’m thankful after 14 years of working at MutualBank for the advice, experience, and opportunities I have been given.

    If you are looking for a great organization that believes in its employees and gives them opportunities to gain experience, then I would encourage to look at working at MutualBank. We are defined by core values of Character, Compassion, Class, and Competition. I can relate each of these to my personal and professional life and even to that great advice my Dad gave me as young driver hitting the road for the first time alone. Ready to grow, learn, and work for a great organization? MutualBank might be the right fit for you!


    This blog is brought to you by Chase Batt, Assistant Vice President and Training Manager at MutualBank.

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