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Warren Buffett is not a fan of Donald Trump

Saturday, April 30, 2016 2:08 pm

Warren Buffett is a well-known supporter of Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton.

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  • The Android App is Here!

    Monday, December 5, 2011

    Beginning today, December 5, 2011, Android mobile phone users can download an application designed specifically for Google Android devices!

    We are excited to share this news because for almost 6 months, we've been offering MutualMobile, a free mobile banking service. When we discussed "What's your phone to you" back in July during the release of MutualMobile, Android users could use the browser on their phone to access their accounts. But now, the Andoroid App is here.

    For users already enrolled in MutualMobile, we created some quick instructions to help you get the application.

    1. Log in to your MutualBank online banking and access ‘Mobile Banking’. 
    2. Select the “I want to change my Mobile Banking services” option to add the downloadable application. 
    3. After you have changed your services, we will send you a text message with a link that takes you directly to our Android application, TouchBanking, in the Android Market.

    If you have not yet enrolled in MutualMobile, it only takes a few minutes! Log in to online banking and navigate to the Mobile Banking pages to register.

    Our phones are so many things to us these days...our watch, alarm clock, email, newspaper, search engine, navigation, and now banking. Go ahead...get started today!

  • Money Saving Tips for the Holidays

    Monday, December 5, 2011

    The winter holiday season is almost here. Soon we will be busy with holiday activities--cooking, decorating and socializing. We'll also be shopping for gifts for family and friends, but unfortunately may overspend. Then in the New Year, when the bills start rolling in, reality and regret will strike.

    Here are some tips on how you can enjoy the season without inducing an overspending hangover in January.

    • Make a list of everyone on your gift list. Try to limit it to close family and friends, and set a maximum amount to spend for each recipient. Calculate this total; if too high, revise the individual limits to keep the total reasonable.
    • If you have overspent already, review the list to see where you may be able to give meaningful gifts without spending. Consider giving personal "coupons" for specific chores-for example lawn mowing, babysitting, cooking a meal or hand car washes.
    • While some people enjoy the hustle and bustle of shopping malls, you may prefer to stay home and shop online, which saves on travel expense. To maximize the value of virtual shopping, look for free-shipping promotions. Another option is to check with nearby retailers to see if they can save you on shipping costs if your item is shipped to the store, instead of to your home address.
    • Many people use credit cards for their holiday shopping in order to increase frequent flier miles and other rewards offered by their credit card company. There are benefits to this strategy, but keep in mind that will need to budget for the charges arriving in January; they will need to be paid off to avoid incurring large credit card interest.
    • You might opt to use cash for Christmas shopping. Decide on an amount for each person, total the amounts, and take cash from your checking account. Divide the cash into your predetermined amounts for each person, and place the cash in envelopes with each person's name and amount on the envelope. Take these envelopes with you on your shopping excursion. Stick with your list, and when the cash is gone, it's gone.
    • With social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, you also may be able to find additional money-saving coupons and discounts.
    • If you have adequate storage space, one of the best times to do your Christmas shopping is in January, when retailers are clearing out their merchandise from the holidays. Along this line, think of shopping for stocking stuffers during the year, as these trinkets can become costly if bought during the holiday rush.

    To make the most of your holiday season, sit back and take a moment to enjoy the meaning of the season and the opportunity to gather with family and friends and all those you hold dear. Then take a deep breath, and shop wisely.


    Source: Indiana Bankers Association - November 15, 2011

  • MutualBank Awarded for Support of Habitat for Humanity

    Wednesday, November 30, 2011

    Each year, the Greater Muncie Indiana Habitat for Humanity hosts a ‘Volunteer Dinner’ to celebrate and thank the volunteers who’ve helped them accomplish goals of raising money, building awareness and building homes.

    This year at the dinner, we were given the Corporate Partner of the Year award. Over the course of 2011, MutualBank employees helped to build homes and raise money for Habitat for Humanity by paying $5.00 to wear jeans one Friday. We had the opportunity to underwrite a grant yielding the Greater Muncie Indiana Habitat for Humanity $50,000 in funding from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis. Additionally, we hosted the “Traveling Wall” for the “$10 Makes a Difference” campaign.  Lastly, we serviced nearly all of the Greater Muncie Indiana Habitat for Humanity mortgages.

    It was a true honor for us to be named Corporate Partner of the Year.  After all, MutualBank’s motto is to help people live better lives. It closely ties to Habitat’s motto: “Build Hope, Build Dreams, Build Community”. Together, we help people achieve their dreams of home ownership. Furthermore, our community is better when more people have safe and affordable homes
    to live in.

    We thank the Greater Muncie Habitat for Humanity for their service to our community, giving employers opportunities to serve the community and honoring MutualBank as the
    Corporate Partner of the Year. 

    Pictured (Left to Right):
    Lindsay Arthur, Executive Director, Greater Muncie Habitat for Humanity
    Jennifer Volk, Senior Staff Auditor and Outreach Committee President, MutualBank

  • Tips to Help You Succeed

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    Have you ever participated in a Facebook contest?  On November 14th, MutualBank began its very first Facebook contest. The contest is called “Reward Yourself”. It’s designed to get you thinking about how you would reward yourself if you were to win some free money. 

    So what do you have to do to participate?

    It’s easy. You go to our Facebook Page and like our page. From there you can enter the Reward Yourself contest. All we need from you is your name, email address and a photo of you rewarding yourself or how you’d reward yourself if you won.

    We’ve seen people stop there. They’ve taken the time to enter the contest, but they haven’t taken the final step of sharing the contest with their friends and family. The more you can share it and get your friends voting, the more likely you’ll see victory!

    At the end of the contest, which is December 16th, the three photos with the most votes will win the prizes. (Which are AWESOME if I can share my biased opinion.)

    First place wins $1,000 VISA gift card.
    Second place wins $500 VISA gift card.
    Third place wins $250 VISA gift card.

    Let’s put things into perspective. What can you get for $1,000?

    Two iPads

    Four flights from Indianapolis to Orlando for Spring Break

    Two night stay in New York City over New Year’s

    100 movie tickets

    Clearly, the prize is worth it. Not only because it’s worth $1,000, but because you get to choose what to do with your reward.  And rewarding you is what we’re really excited about. We can’t wait to hear how you will choose to use the money whether it is for a new kitchen countertop, a tropical trip or simply to pay for groceries for a few months. It’s your choice.

    So here are a few tips to help you be successful:

    1. If you’ve not yet liked our page or entered the contest…what are you waiting for?
    2. Share the contest with your friends and family.
    3. Remember everyone, including you, can vote every single day.  (After today there are only 23 days left!)

    And keep in mind, rewarding yourself isn’t just for this month long Facebook contest. At MutualBank, you can always reward yourself with UChoose Loyalty Rewards. UChoose Loyalty Rewards reward you for your loyalty to MutualBank. Learn about all of the ways you can reward yourself just by doing everyday banking.  Remember, we’re excited to reward you, through this contest and throughout the entire year! 
    Go ahead! Start rewarding yourself today!

  • Trunk or Treat!

    Monday, October 31, 2011

    Trunk or Treat

    Who: You! Everyone is welcome!

    When: 3-5pm 

    Where: Muncie Main Office Parking Lot, 110 E. Charles St. Muncie

  • It's all about YOU!

    Thursday, October 20, 2011


    "The customer is our reason for being here." - Unknown

    There is so much truth to that quote.  At MutualBank, we know we are here because our customers have been loyal to us for 122 years.  

    Our Granger financial center is setting aside some time to do what we can never do enough,
    say "Thank You!" If you're in the Granger area, be sure to swing by tomorrow from 9a-5p.
    We want the opportunity to say thank you. 

    Maybe you're reading this and are thinking, "Hey, I'm not in the Granger area," so you can't stop by. In that case, on behalf of MutualBank, I say "Thank You".  If you ever have a question, want to share your good or bad experience, or need some additional help, please let us know!

    We want to hear from you! You can talk with us on Facebook or Twitter. If you'd prefer to email us, go ahead! You can also call if that's easiest. Call us at 800-382-8031.


  • Being Green

    Friday, October 7, 2011

    “It’s not easy, being green…” lamented Kermit the Frog, in the Muppet movie.  Well, it’s not easy being a banker these days either.   A 24 hour news cycle does its best to hype up the changes in the banking industry so that by the time a customer comes into a bank, they are already annoyed.

    You hear it from everywhere; Banks are charging for everything now!  Next they will charge you to breathe inside the branch!  OK, maybe this is an exaggeration, but it’s the feeling consumers have.  It’s not easy being me!

    Well, it is easy to be a customer at MutualBank.  Mutual’s new changes to checking accounts give you the opportunity to keep your checking account free by doing what most people do anyway.  For instance you can avoid a monthly fee on one of our customizable checking accounts by simply using your debit card 8 times a month and getting eStatements.  I don’t know about you, but I use my debit card way more than 8 times a month.  And eStatements?  Not wasting all that paper is great for the planet as well as your filing cabinet!  Simple right?  Not only that, but we also reward you for using that debit card!  With our Uchoose Loyalty Rewards you get points for using your debit card that you can exchange for almost anything from a gift card all the way to airline miles. 

    Yes, there have been some major changes in banking lately.  But even Kermit would agree that its not so bad to be green when your green is with MutualBank.


    Written by Debra Jones-Price, Manager at MutualBank's Bethel Financial Center in Muncie, Indiana.

  • What Do You Want From Your Bank?

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    I was visiting with a colleague after a networking meeting last week.  After conversing for a few minutes, I asked her, “What do you want from your bank?” She replied, “I want to get money every time I swipe my debit card.”

    She went on to explain how she pretty much only uses her debit card and it would be great if she could get something in return for doing so.

    In March of this year, CBS News posted a video and news article about how banks are cutting back on their debit card reward programs.  The reasons for the cut back include both a downward economy and the interchange regulation changes.

    The conversation with my colleague jogged my memory of this article and got me thinking about MutualBank’s debit card reward program. Here is my colleague, living in a community where MutualBank resides and she’s banking with another institution that doesn’t give her what she wants. Am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong with this picture?

    I proceeded to tell her about MutualBank’s debit card reward program. MutualBank has offered a debit card reward program for over three years.  They've always appreciated their customers. But over the last year, MutualBank evaluated how they could express that appreciation in a way that would positively impact their customers.  They wanted to physically thank their customers for their loyalty to MutualBank. So what did they do? They expanded the debit card reward program to be a full scale reward program, solely based on loyalty. 

    I shared with my colleague that not only does she get points for using her debit card, she also would get points for the balance in her accounts, balances on mortgages, auto loans and investments.  My colleague is a younger professional who does not yet have a mortgage.  The great thing about MutualBank's loyalty reward program is that they're here to grow with her. As she obtains new accounts at MutualBank, she gets bonus points.  And after she earns all of these points for all the different relationships she has with MutualBank, she can redeem the points for just about anything she wants.  She can redeem her points for gift cards, plane tickets, hotel stays, a new laptop, really, almost anything!

    So…are debit card reward programs extinct? Nope. Not at MutualBank, at least. In fact, MutualBank’s debit card reward program is not only alive, but it’s an advance loyalty program designed to say one thing…

    Thank you
  • $10 Makes a Difference

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    2011 marks Muncie's Habitat for Humanity 25th anniversary of serving families in our community with 'a place to call home'. 

    In October of this year Muncie Habitat will build a home for its 100th family! Muncie Habitat is inviting the entire community to ‘Make a $10 Dollar Difference’ and support the funding of this house. In just one week (This week - September 12-17), Muncie Habitat and local media outlets are campaigning to raise $50,000 through $10 donations from 5,000 people in our community.

    On Monday, September 12th, the 'traveling wall' made it's appearance at the Downtown Muncie office! 

    MutualBank and Habitat for Humanity have been longtime partners. In fact, for their entire existence in this community, MutualBank has supported Habitat for Humanity. MutualBank has worked with many of Habitat’s partner families.  MutualBankers have donated both work time and personal time to help on worksites. Additionally, MutualBank has helped Habitat for Humanity secure grants for funding. 

    So the question is...why? Why are we so involved? It's simple. 

    "Homeownership makes a difference in the lives of families. A decent place to live is the foundation for a better life."

    Habitat for Humanity has this statement on their website and it is the exact reason why we support Habitat for Humanity. We support home ownership and want to help people live better lives. So we'll do our part, it's your turn to do yours. If you'd like to support Habitat's efforts to build their 100th home, you can donate in three ways:

    1. Habitat for Humanity's website
    2. Any MutualBank location -in Delaware County
    3. Any of the locations of the traveling wall
      1. Wednesday 9/14 - 3p-6p Dillman's Furniture
      2. Thursday 9/15 - 4p-7p Texas Roadhouse
      3. Friday 9/16 - 3p-6p Victory Honda
      4. Saturday 9/17 - 3p-5p Glass & More Factory
    Will you join us in helping others in our community live a better life?
  • Happy birthday MutualBank!

    Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday MutualBank. Happy birthday to you!

    On September 7, 1889, the Mutual Home and Savings Association was formed. The purpose of Mutual Home over a century ago was very simple. The Association provided a safe place for saving money and a source of funds available to the community for the building and purchasing of homes.  122 years later, we still serve that purpose, but are better equipped to serve all of the needs of our customers of today.

    As one of the oldest businesses in our markets, MutualBank has grown and prospered over the full course of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first century, meeting the financial needs of its customers through times of war and peace as well as prosperity, recession and even depression. While on the surface this proves we are a bank that meets the needs of our customers; there is something greater that exists below the surface. There is a culture that unless part of the MutualBank family, you might not know exists. When you become part of the MutualBank family, you learn that this is much more than a job that earns a paycheck. You learn about the essence of MutualBank – heritage and personal responsibility.

    Heritage. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines heritage as “something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor”. After 122 years in business, we realize there were many before us who paved the way and created a culture in helping our neighbors. Our entire organization was founded on the premise that it could help people improve their lives. One of my favorite stories over our history is of a time during the Great Depression. It is told as follows:

    “Even a greater problem which people encountered during the 1930’s involved meeting their mortgage payments. Once again, however, Mutual Home fared reasonably well; but, unquestionably, people who were unemployed found it extremely difficult to make their mortgage payments. If a delinquency became too serious, the usual policy called for the property to be deeded back to Mutual Home, which, in turn renovated and rented it, sometimes to the original purchaser with an option to re-acquire it at a later date.” Walter Burt, who was a member of the board of directors at Mutual Home said of that time, “We just had to be flexible and patient and work out the best arrangements that were possible. In time, most people got back on their feet. Many repurchased and eventually paid off their loan.”

    To understand the heritage of MutualBank automatically changes what we do from just “a job” to something personal. MutualBank is a mid-sized community bank. We have checking accounts, loans, and mobile banking just like other banks. So what makes MutualBank special? Our employees are dedicated and take personal responsibility to continue moving forward with our already established culture. If we take personal responsibility to provide the best service, do what is right and have compassion and respect for our customers, we believe our customers would not want to bank with anyone else but us.  

    Obviously, we believe our duty and our role in the community is much more than providing financial services. We are people and a company seeking to help people, to help our neighbor. We’re just using banking as a platform to do so.  And that’s always been the case. We know, understand and consciously make decisions based on the fact that if it weren’t for our customers and our community, we wouldn’t be here. It is truly a tribute to our customers and our communities that we have been in business for 122 years. Our hope is that the partnership between MutualBank and the community has been mutually beneficial.

    We thank you for taking a moment with us and celebrating the success and longevity of MutualBank. 

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