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Flowered muscle car worth $1.4 million stolen

Monday, May 2, 2016 5:31 pm

An avocado-green 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda worth $1.4 million was stolen from a home in Westchester County, just north of New York City. The good news is it should be easy to spot thanks to its distinctive flower-patterned vinyl top.

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Is It Time to Call in the Professionals?

Posted by: David Riggs on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 12:00:00 am

I donít know about you, but for me, cars have become way too complicated. When I headed off to Indiana State University for my freshman year it was in a five-year old, used Ford Maverick. I really liked that car. It was bright green with a vinyl, black and white checkered bench seat in the front (which made it easier for snuggling with my girlfriend and eventual wife).

It had a 3-speed on-the-steering-column manual-shift transmission. Every once in a while the shifter would get stuck making it impossible to move out of second gear. The solution was simple: hold down the clutch, coast to the side of the road, turn off the engine, get out, open the hood, reach in and jerk on one of the bars connecting the shifter to the transmission. This got the stick unstuck and allowed me drive on shifting through all three gears.

That was something I figured out on my own with just an 8th grade shop class knowledge of cars. There was plenty of room under that hood. I could set a tool box in there and actually change spark plugs myself.

Now I donít know if the Ford Iím driving today even has spark plugs. If it does, Iíd never be able to locate them in the tightly packed jumble of components under the hood let alone get my hands in far enough to put a tool on them. The transmission in my current car is both manual and automatic! How in the world does that work? If something got stuck, Iíd have to call the auto club. 

I suppose I could learn how to work on my car but I think my life is better spending that time with my family, working in the community, and doing my job.

There are times in our lives when itís better for us to turn to professionals. Just like me hiring a mechanic when I have car trouble, if you need legal work done, you see a lawyer; if youíre really sick, you call a doctor; and if your tax return is complicated, you hire an accountant. If youíre at a point in your life where it takes too much time, energy and special knowledge to manage your investments yourself, you should call MutualWealth Management Group.

For most of us that time comes when we have to take full control of a retirement plan from an employer and that time may come well before you retire. When you change jobs you may have a retirement account at your old employer that probably should be rolled over to an Individual Retirement Account. Some people have retirement accounts scattered among several former employers.

There are plenty of other situations when you should call us for professional investment help such as when you sell a business or property, inherit money, change marital status, receive a large legal or insurance settlement, or (donít laugh because it happens) win big in the lottery or at the casino.

MutualWealth manages investments for people in personal accounts, retirement accounts, and trust accounts. Our fee is based on the value of your account; we are never paid commissions for ďsellingĒ investments. The only thing we sell is ongoing service based on your individual needs. So if youíre at the side of the road in your financial life and you donít know which bar under the hood to jerk, call MutualWealth Management Group.

David Riggs is Vice President and Trust Investment Officer with MutualWealth Management Group.

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