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Card Management Tools

What sorts of things can I do within the MutualBank app to manage my MutualBank debit card?
What sorts of things can I do within the MutualBank app to manage my MutualBank debit card?

Our app provides you powerful tools for managing and protecting your debit cards. Misplace a wallet? Simply turn your card off. When found, you can turn it back on. Plus you can also set card limits and control how your cards are used. It’s strong protection for your debit cards and can be accessed from either the accounts page or under the "More" menu.

Turn your card On/Off when  you lose it or if it's stolen
From Manage My Cards, you can review the statuses of each of your cards and you can block cards (and unblock them) almost instantly. When blocked, purchases made with your card are declined. Unblock it and your card works like normal!

Set transaction amount and geography limits on your card
Setting transaction amount limits is another card control feature that is great for controlling family spending. If a purchase exceeds a certain dollar amount, the card is declined. Similarly, setting a location limit lets you block international transactions or block transactions outside a selected area. Just enter an address and set the active radius. If the card is used outside the selected area, the purchase will be declined.

Select the type of purchases your card can be used for
Setting merchant limits restricts your card from being used at certain types of merchants. So, for example, you can set it so your kids can use the card to put gas in the car but not to see a movie. How's that for keeping you in control?



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