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Over the years, MutualBank has been committed to serving the communities needs first. The communities that MutualBank serves have responded with a resounding vote of confidence by doing business with the Bank. With continued financial strength and strategic growth, MutualBank will remain successful through continued strong customer patronage.

September 7, 1889
The Mutual Home and Savings Association was formed. The purpose of Mutual Home over a century ago was very simple. The Association provided a safe place for saving money, and a source of funds available to the community for the building and purchasing of homes. Throughout the years of service to our communities, what is now MutualBank, has always promoted and delivered thrift and home ownership.

Strength with growth has always been MutualBank's agenda. From its simple beginning in 1889, MutualBank's assets grew to over twenty million dollars by 1950, and more than doubled to $52,500,000 by 1960. The 1960's saw the beginning of a new era for MutualBank. On March 11, 1963, MutualBank moved into its new office building at the corner of Charles and Mulberry. In addition, MutualBank opened its first convenience branch office at 2900 West Jackson Street. By the close of the 1960's, MutualBank's expansion was rewarded when its total assets neared the $100,000,000 mark.

The 1970's
MutualBank saw continued growth and expansion. In 1970, a second branch office was opened at the corner of Oakwood and McGalliard Avenue. MutualBank's strength was critical as it expanded into Randolph County. On January 1, 1975, MutualBank acquired Winchester Home and Savings. This acquisition served to further promote MutualBank's goals of thrift and home ownership. In 1977, MutualBank opened two additional convenience centers. An office in Yorktown, at the corner of Yorktown-Gaston Pike and State Road 32, and a new office to replace the first branch office on Jackson Street. In 1978 a sixth convenience office at 2000 S. Madison Street was added. During the 1970's, MutualBank's diligence to quality growth proved important as the firm's assets grew to almost $230,000,000.

The 1980's
Difficult times were brought to savings institutions. Interest rates rose to an all-time high, forcing many institutions to alter their philosophy of doing business. MutualBank never strayed from its mission of providing customers competitive interest rates on savings and funds to purchase their homes. New products were offered during the 1980's, as deregulation required MutualBank to compete for retail services. MutualBank changed its organizational charter to become Mutual Federal Savings Bank in April of 1984. The name change was to more accurately reflect the posture MutualBank was taking in the banking industry. MutualBank continued to expand to serve customers by opening a sixth Delaware County, Indiana, branch office at 3613 N. Broadway to serve northeast county residents. Despite tough economic times during the early 80's, MutualBank was able to expand services to Kosciusko County in Northern Indiana through the merger of Warsaw Federal Savings and Loan Association. This merger gave MutualBank great exposure to a booming economy, while quality growth occurred. The merger added two more offices to serve customers, and the opening of yet another office at 2034 E. Center Street in Warsaw brought the number of MutualBank offices to ten. However, critical to the ability to grow, is financial strength. As MutualBank reached its centennial year, 1989, its reserves to assets remained exceptionally high.

The 1990's
MutualBank's second century of quality began with assets in excess of $337,000,000. The eleventh MutualBank office was opened at 3701 W. Bethel Avenue in Muncie, in 1991.  In 1995, we celebrated with the grand opening of an office in North Webster, Indiana. This office saw tremendous growth during 1995 and is more effectively able to serve our many customers in Kosciusko County. MutualBank introduced Business Banking in 1997, giving businesses the ability to build a strong relationship with an institution dedicated to providing a broad range of business products and services.  In 1997, MutualBank aquired an NBD branch in Albany, expanding MutualBank's service in northeastern Delaware County.  MutualBank opened it's first branch located in a grocery store in Winchester, Indiana. At the end of the year in 1999, MutualBank announced the approval to complete the conversion from a Mutual Savings Bank to a Stock Savings Bank. MFS Financial, Inc. stock was first offered for trade on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol MFSF on Thursday, December 30, 1999.

April 2000
MFS Financial changed its name to MutualFirst Financial, Inc. Also in 2000, MutualBank opened its newest Delaware County office at 4710 E. Jackson Street in Muncie, Indiana.

December 8, 2000
MutualFirst completed a strategic alliance with Marion Capital Holdings, Inc., the holding company for First Federal Savings Bank of Marion, Indiana. This alliance added two Marion offices, one at 100 W. 3rd St. and a second in the Wal-Mart Supercenter at 3240 W. Western Ave. In addition a third former First Federal office is located in Gas City, Indiana at 1010 E. Main St. The alliance brought a profitable, well-managed bank into the Mutual organization. This alliance strengthens MutualBank by capturing the largest deposit market share in Grant County, and helps bridge the geographic gap between the Delaware and Kosciusko County markets.

March 2005
MutualBank acquired the assets of Fidelity Federal Savings Bank of Marion, Indiana. This acquisition represented MutualBank's solid commitment to the Grant County community, and added a convenient branch location at the bypass.

August 18, 2006
MutualBank completed the purchase of the Winchester, Wabash and Warsaw offices owned by First Financial Bank, NA and operated as branches of Community First Bank and Trust. The acquisition of two of the purchased branches has enhanced our position in two of our present markets, while the third provided a missing link in our franchise footprint in Wabash County.

March 22, 2007
MutualBank announced the acquisition of Wagley Investment Advisors, Inc. This new division, Mutual Financial Advisors, provides MutualBank with new and expanded investment options and money management.

March 2, 2008
MutualBank opened the doors of their newest branch located in Goshen, Indiana.  This branch is the first for MutualBank in Elkhart County. 

July 1, 2008
Known as Mutual Federal Savings Bank since 1984, the Bank underwent branding and a name change to MutualBank.  The change simplifies the name, while maintaining MutualBank's true identity and important history in the banking industry.  Mutual Financial Services was also rebranded and changed to MutualFinancial Investment Services.

July 21, 2008
MutualBank acquired MFB Corp., a community bank headquarted in Mishawaka, Indiana.  Through the acquisition, MutualBank was able to stretch its territory as far north as St. Joseph County, as far south as Hamilton County, and as far east as Montgomery County.  MutualBank expanded its financial center locations from 20 to 32 offices in Indiana.  Additional services were also added to MutualBank's portofolio, including a wealth management division,  MutualWealth Management Group.  MutualWealth Management Group offices are located in Delaware, Grant, Hamilton, Montgomery and St. Joseph counties.

December, 2008
MutualBank expanded across the border to Berrien County, Michigan, with a loan origination office.

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Personal Banking Security Measures for the 21st Century

clientuploads/21st-Century-Securitysquare180.pngMany of us are constantly connected to the online world these days. This means that the potential is there for our computers and personal information to be compromised which greatly increases the risk of ID theft and financial fraud to occur. However, by taking some basic precautions you can significantly reduce the risk of your computing environment being compromised. Following these simple guidelines should help your computing environment become more secure:

Keep your computer and software up-to-date

Keep your computers and network equipment secured with the latest software updates and enable automatic updates whenever possible.  This includes updates to third party applications such as Java and Adobe Products.  

Use hard drive encryption

In the event your machine is lost or stolen, drive encryption can prevent others from accessing the data on your hard drive.  The purpose is to encrypt or scramble your data on your machine so that it can only be read with your encryption key.Many operating systems offer drive encryption.  Microsoft offers Bitlocker and Apple has FileVault. There are also other third party encryption offerings.   

Enable your firewall

Think of the firewall to your computer as the fence around your property.  If there were multiple holes cut in the fence, it wouldn’t be very useful at keeping people out.  Firewalls are typically enabled by default on Windows machines, but double check to make sure it’s on.  Here are instructions to do so if you are using Windows 7. Only allow necessary applications inbound access through your firewall. The same principles apply to your network firewall. 

Configure your screensaver

Set an auto-locking screensaver so your account gets locked out after a few minutes.  This is useful if you forget to lock your machine when are away from it. On Windows machines this can usually be done by pressing the “Windows Key” and the “L” button simultaneously.

Make your passwords stronger

The longer and more complex the password, the better.  At least 16 characters with a combination of upper and lowecase letters, numbers, and special characters is a best practice.

Configure your router

Use the strongest wireless security available (currently WPA2-CCMP) with a long and complex password for your wireless network. Disable WPS on your wireless router for greater security.   


Think that some secure banking information
of yours has been compromised?

If you suspect that your personal financial information has been compromised, call MutualBank Customer Support at 800-382-8031.


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