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Welcome to the MutualBank family, BloomBank customers!

The values and character you know and trust of BloomBank are the same that define MutualBank. We're so excited to meet and serve you!

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It can mean two things in the banking world...

1. Change can simply mean the money you get in return for a purchase
2. Change can mean new ways a bank takes care of you.

BloomBank and MutualBank are making changes that will add up for you. 

As of the close of business on February 28, 2018, BloomBank merged into MutualBank. This merger expands the footprint of your bank into Central, Eastern, and Northern Indiana, giving you 39 local financial centers and a total of 500+ MutualBankers ready and interested to help you live a better life.

While you may not yet be familiar with MutualBank, we first want to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for your loyalty to BloomBank. Thank you for trusting, in advance, that MutualBank has your best interest in mind. Thank you for your patience as we merge our environments. Thank you for your continued conversation with the familiar BloomBank staff you’ve come to know as we look forward to serving you.

As we welcome you to MutualBank, we've prepared a large list of FAQs that provide answers to many conversion / account related questions. We know this may not answer every question you might have, but we’re ready to help make this transition an easy one for you. Please contact us at 800-382-8031 or stop into your local financial center should you have questions. We’d be glad to speak with and work with you.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be your bank.


Pat Botts
President & C.O.O.

Benny McNeely





Important Dates

March 1st
BloomBank customers will officially become MutualBank customers on March 1st. However, no major changes to your bank accounts and services from BloomBank until the end of the day on April 20th when the data conversion takes place.

Week of April 2nd through April 13th
New MutualBank debit cards and checks will be mailed to all BloomBank customers with a debit card or ATM card the week of April 2nd. Keep an eye out for it in your mail! Note you cannot use these until April 23rd.

April 20th
Most if not all BloomBank account services (like online banking, mobile banking, mobile deposit, etc.) will not be available after 4:00PM on April 20th. Be sure to download any statements, messages, and transactions you wish to archive.

April 21st & 22nd
Use your BloomBank debit card for all purchases. Also, on the 21st & 22nd, all BloomBank locations will be closed to complete the coversion process. 

April 23rd at 8 AM
On Monday, April 23rd, you will have access to your financial accounts and information at MutualBank (via online banking, mobile banking, eStatements, etc.). You can begin using your new checks, activate and use your new debit card, download the MutualBank app, and begin using any of our financial centers.



Top Conversion FAQs

See below for a few key details about the BloomBank conversion and your accounts. For more FAQs be sure to check out our complete BloomBank conversion knowledge base.

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When will I officially become a MutualBank customer?

You officially became a MutualBank customer as of the close of business on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. No major changes are occurring until the data conversion which is scheduled to begin at the close of business on Friday, April 20, 2018. At that time, all accounts migrate to MutualBank’s systems, yet until Monday, April 23, business will operate as normal.

Will I receive a new debit card?

Yes. If you have a BloomBank Debit Card or ATM Card today, you will receive a MutualBank Debit or ATM Card with secure EMV chip technology. New cards will be mailed the week of April 2, 2018. You should receive your new card with detailed instructions prior to April 23, 2018. Please note, these are mailed in an envelope with a MutualBank logo. Please open all of your mail between now and April 23, 2018, just in case. 

Will I receive new checks for my checking account?

Yes. MutualBank is providing you, free of charge, with a new set of checks. You can expect to receive the new checks during the first week of April 2018. MutualBank will continue to honor your existing and outstanding checks on your BloomBank checking account. For at least a year, checks and ACH transactions will clear your account as normal, giving you an opportunity to change electronic transactions involving BloomBank’s ABA Routing Number. MutualBank’s ABA Routing Number is 274970681.

What is MutualBank's routing number?

MutualBank's routing number is 274970681.

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