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Employee Benefits

At MutualBank, we serve your business in multiple ways - including helping you recruit, motivate and engage employees with attractive benefits and retirement plans.


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Attract and Retain Quality Employees

Offer a Competitive Employee Benefits Package

Customize an employee retirement plan that will attract and retain the best staff. We have a wide range of solutions and can design a package that will fit your specific needs as well as bring you the maximum tax savings.

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Looking for additional low or no-cost benefits to attract and retain employees? Mutual@Work provides a value-added benefits package as well as increased awareness of your existing benefits.

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Provide HSA Accounts to Your Employees!

HSAs are tax-advantaged investment accounts for medical expenses for participants in High Deductible Health Care Plans (HDHP). HSAs can provide significant tax benefits to eligible individuals.* Not only can HSAs provide tax benefits related to paying qualified medical expenses, they may also provide benefits similar to many tax favored retirement plans.

$15 Enrollment Fee

That's all it takes to get started!

No Restrictions

No monthly fees, opening deposit, or minimum balance.

HSA Video Overview

*HSA's are subject to eligibility requirements and are tax exempt at the federal level if used to cover qualified medical expenses. State taxes may apply. This website is not intended to provide you with tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor with questions.