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A daily, automatic sweep keeps your checking account balance at a preset level while investing any extra funds as per your instructions.


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Managing Your Money Efficiently

Business Sweep Account Options


Line of Credit Sweeps

Our Line of Credit Sweep account promotes optimal utilization of your funds. Connected to your business account, it covers the gap when funds are insufficient to cover your checks while using any excess funds to pay down your line of credit.

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  • Coverage for overdrafts up to your credit limit
  • Ability to pay back over time
  • Reduces interest expense
  • Provides maximum utilization of funds
  • Usually lower than standard overdraft fees


Overdraft Protection Sweeps

At MutualBank, we are always looking out for you. Our Overdraft Protection Sweep account prevents checks and payments from being returned and helps you avoid overdrafts.

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  • Help ensure payments are not returned or declined
  • Easily manage your checking account with automatic transfers
  • Link your existing savings or money market accounts

Insured Cash Sweep

With the ICS service, you can access the multi-million dollar FDIC protection, earn interest and have better access to funds to match your financial requirements. It’s a smart, safe and convenient business cash management tool - reducing the need for tracking collateral and managing multiple accounts in different banks.

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Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS)

Now you can work directly with your trusted financial institution –MutualBank - to earn CD-level rates which are often comparable to treasuries and money market mutual funds. Enjoy the protection of FDIC insurance, one statement and one rate for each CD maturity.

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