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I like it like that. With MutualBank, you get exactly what you want, when you want it.  Build your own checking account by choosing the products and services that fit your life and your style, and we make it work for you.  This is checking how you like it - with MutualBank. We’re better together.

Basic Checking - Our Free Checking! | Open Now! 
No frills, just the basics, and it's free! Basic Checking gives you the every day account with UChoose Loyalty Rewards. Learn more about Basic Checking.

UChoose Checking  | Open Now!
Our UChoose Checking account allows you to customize your account with the services you want and at a price you can afford. You get UChoose Loyalty Rewards and you can avoid monthly service fees. Learn more about UChoose Checking. 

Concierge Banking
Concierge Banking is an elite product designed to offer extensive investment choices, professional monetary guidance and many value-added services that promise to enhance your MutualBank experience. Learn more about Concierge Banking. 

Investor's Gold Money Market | Open Now!
Our Investor’s Gold Money Market account will help you maximize the return on your investments without sacrificing access to your money. Learn more about Investor's Gold Money Market.

Second Chance Checking
An account specifically designed for those who have struggled managing a past checking account and need an opportunity for a second chance. Learn more about Second Chance Checking.

Health Savings Account | View Demo
HSAs are tax-advantaged investment accounts for medical expenses for participants in High Deductible Health Care Plans (HDHP). HSAs can provide significant tax benefits to eligible individuals. Learn more about Health Savings Accounts.


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Proactive Steps to Take in Light of Anthem Data Breach

Chances are you are a person who has Anthem insurance coverage or you know someone who does. As a result, either you or your friend has a reason to be concerned.

A typical data breach includes a compromise of debit card numbers or partial personal identifying information. This kind of breach, though inconvenient, can typically be ‘fixed’. An initial investigation indicates that the Anthem breach includes a compromise of name, birthday and/or social security number. This kind of information is all one needs to steal someone’s identity.

According to Anthem this particular breach could affect up to 80 million people. Instead of trying to ignore this has happened or just being upset, it’s now time for you to be educated and try to protect yourself as best as you can. We have some tips that will help you accomplish that.

1. Review Your Statements

First, take a moment each month to view your eStatement or monthly statement. You can monitor your accounts throughout the month with Online Banking and the MutualBank App. Monitoring your accounts will give you the quickest opportunity to see if your accounts have been compromised. If you notice any transactions that are unfamiliar or questionable, please get in touch with your MutualBanker. Call us at 800-382-8031.

2. Be Cautious with Any Anthem Emails You Receive

Next, if you receive an email stating it is from Anthem, be cautious. Anthem’s website warns customers not to reply with information, click any links or open any attachments within the email. Anthem is not calling their customers and will not ask for information. Never give your credit card information, social security number, or other sensitive information to someone via email or over the phone.

3. Consider Freezing Your Credit

If you are a resident in Indiana, the Attorney General’s office website ( is offering and encouraging you to sign up for a free credit freeze with each of the three credit bureaus. A credit freeze places a hold on your credit where a new line of credit could not be obtained without you unfreezing your credit. This doesn’t affect already open credit lines like an existing credit card, yet helps to protect you against someone opening new lines of credit in your name.

4. Keep in the Know

Finally, try to keep in the loop on the Anthem Breach. The best source for current information about this breach can be found at Anthem’s Frequently Asked Questions. (

MutualBank is here to help inform you of ways to help protect against identity theft. Thank you for trusting us.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


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