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Christy Brooks

Mortgage Lender

110 East Charles Street
Muncie, Indiana 47305

Phone: (765) 747-2815 | Fax: (765) 213-4700
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NMLS Registry Number: 740328

Loan Counselor, Christy Brooks, has invested more than 30 years of her life, assisting others with their life-long dream: owning a home.

“I enjoy lending because I help people achieve their goals of purchasing a home or help them with the home they already own. MutualBank truly cares about their customers and wants to help guide them through any financial situation they have.”

In the fast-paced society we live in, Christy believes it is extremely important to assist customers with their needs, and do it quickly and efficiently. It’s important to her that customers feel confident about using our website to address their mortgage-related interests.

For those who do not have or wish to take time to meet with a lender, our website accepts mortgage applications anytime, day or night. With application in-hand, bank policies in mind, and experience at her fingertips, Christy guides customers in the right direction. You can expect the same quality service from Christy resulting in a memorable and smooth home loan experience.

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