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Greg McKenzie

Mortgage Loan Officer

650 East Carmel Drive, Suite 100
Carmel, IN 46023

Office: (317) 428-2529 | Mobile: (317) 698-2377
Fax: (317) 566-1740 | Show Email

NMLS Registry Number: 136377

"I impact customer’s lives by being their lender and caring enough to help create positive change and improvement for them. Making an impact is important because of the value it gives to me when someone cares enough to make a positive change in my own life."

Lender Greg McKenzie is passionate about his role in mortgage lending; he sets the tone for a memorable experience during one of the most significant financial decisions a customer will ever make. Those across the desk from Greg benefit from the fulfillment he experiences while working through and resolving complex situations.

To MutualBank, Greg brings more than a dozen years of experience as a mortgage originator, correspondent lender, and mortgage company broker/owner. He specializes in conventional mortgages, one-time close Construction Jumbo mortgages, common sense underwriting, and providing highly-responsive service to buyers and real estate professionals. He commits to on-time closings with adequate buyer response time.

Greg is at home with Mutual because of our community-oriented culture and successful tenure in banking and financial service. Reach Greg at the Carmel, Indiana office. He’s highly responsive to new and returning customers as well as real estate professionals. Serving you is his priority!


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