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clientuploads/Wealth Images/retired grandparents with grandkids web photo.jpgAdministering an estate is a demanding and complex business.

MutualWealth Management Group will carry out your wishes as expressed in your will efficiently and effectively unaffected by inexperience, biases or family pressures.

Executors (or personal representatives) must:

  • collect all of your assets and information regarding your estate
  • determine and pay all debts and claims against your estate
  • manage, maintain and protect your property and investments while the estate is being settled
  • calculate and pay all taxes and file tax returns
  • distribute your assets as directed
  • give an accurate final accounting

...and there could be much more. It is not a job for your spouse, children, relatives or friends. 

Did you know...

Your executor should not be emotionally involved in the situation. For an already distraught relative or friend, the job can be overwhelming. In addition, a relative or friend acting as executor might create family conflicts, jealousy or mistrust. Appointing MutualBank eliminates the potential for trouble. 

Your executor must be competent and experienced in settling estates and should be trained in investments, tax law, business, and accounting. The professionals in the MutualWealth Management Group division of MutualBank have many years experience in all these areas.

Your executor must always be available. Will an individual executor be in good health and nearby when needed, possibly many years later? An executor who lives in a different city or co-executors who live in separate states will find it difficult to complete the tasks on a timely basis. MutualBank is here and always on the job.

Your executor is held legally and financial responsible and must have the resources to correct or compensate for any errors. By naming MutualBank as your executor, you avoid putting a beloved family member in that situation.

In order to have the MutualWealth professionals administer your estate, contact your attorney and have MutualBank named as your executor or personal representative; or contact us and we will help you gather the information you need before visiting your attorney.

If you already have your assets in a living trust, your successor trustee can have the same problems as an executor, so name MutualBank as your successor trustee for maximum benefit.

Go a better life knowing MutualBank and MutualWealth Management Group will be here when you need us. 

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