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Did you know ... We offer a special preferred customer discount rate on consumer loans, only for current customers! We value your banking relationship and want to reward you with tools and offers that make your life better, so go ahead ...  Apply today and learn how to get loyalty pricing! 

*Loyalty Pricing is a discounted rate available for current customers on direct auto, boat, RV, motorcycle and closed-end home equity loans. 

Auto Loans  |  Apply Now!
Available for new or used auto, pickup truck or van purchases, MutualBank Auto Loans offer convenient financing at many area dealers or at any of our offices. "Simple Interest" can save you money. 

Boat/Recreational Vehicle Loans  |  Apply Now!
For new or used boats, personal watercraft, motorcycles, motor homes, travel trailers, and fifth wheel or camping trailers, the MutualBank Recreational Vehicle Loan is available at dealers statewide or at any of our offices.

Personal Loans  |  Apply Now!
You can get the money you need to purchase almost any consumer good, the vacation you deserve, education, or for any worthwhile purpose. See us today or Apply Now!

Credit Cards  | Learn More
MutualBank is your source for credit cards that save time, money and give you rewards that UChoose! Learn more about MutualBank Credit Cards.

Home Improvement Loans  |  Apply Now!
Take advantage of tax deductibility * when you add a room, build a garage or make any home improvement with a MutualBank Home Improvement Loan. Because there are no application fees and minimum closing costs, it's easy to tell your contractor you want MutualBank financing.

Home Equity Loans  |  Apply Now!
As a homeowner, you can borrow your equity for any worthwhile purpose. These might include investments, starting a business, or combining your credit card debt and lowering your interest rate and monthly payments. There are minimum closing costs, and interest paid is tax deductible* in most cases.

Home Equity Line of Credit  |  Apply Now!
This pre-arranged line of credit based on the equity in your home offers the ultimate convenience. Once arranged, there's no need to re-apply if you wish to borrow again. The loan is repaid in affordable minimum monthly payments, or as much as you wish to pay with a monthly bill. Other benefits include minimum closing costs, and the tax deductibility* of interest payments in most cases.

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Credit Card Services: 800-994-2726
Credit Card Fraud Prevention: 866-661-4232 
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MutualBank provides mortgage and consumer loans for almost any purpose. MutualBank serves customers in its market area only, and reserves the right to deny any account application on that basis.  You have the right to file a written loan application and to receive a copy of the association's underwriting standards.  Rates are subject to change without notice. *certain exceptions may apply, consult a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.  **You have the right to file a written loan application and to receive a copy of the association's underwriting standards. Rates are subject to change without notice.

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Proactive Steps to Take in Light of Anthem Data Breach

Chances are you are a person who has Anthem insurance coverage or you know someone who does. As a result, either you or your friend has a reason to be concerned.

A typical data breach includes a compromise of debit card numbers or partial personal identifying information. This kind of breach, though inconvenient, can typically be ‘fixed’. An initial investigation indicates that the Anthem breach includes a compromise of name, birthday and/or social security number. This kind of information is all one needs to steal someone’s identity.

According to Anthem this particular breach could affect up to 80 million people. Instead of trying to ignore this has happened or just being upset, it’s now time for you to be educated and try to protect yourself as best as you can. We have some tips that will help you accomplish that.

1. Review Your Statements

First, take a moment each month to view your eStatement or monthly statement. You can monitor your accounts throughout the month with Online Banking and the MutualBank App. Monitoring your accounts will give you the quickest opportunity to see if your accounts have been compromised. If you notice any transactions that are unfamiliar or questionable, please get in touch with your MutualBanker. Call us at 800-382-8031.

2. Be Cautious with Any Anthem Emails You Receive

Next, if you receive an email stating it is from Anthem, be cautious. Anthem’s website warns customers not to reply with information, click any links or open any attachments within the email. Anthem is not calling their customers and will not ask for information. Never give your credit card information, social security number, or other sensitive information to someone via email or over the phone.

3. Consider Freezing Your Credit

If you are a resident in Indiana, the Attorney General’s office website ( is offering and encouraging you to sign up for a free credit freeze with each of the three credit bureaus. A credit freeze places a hold on your credit where a new line of credit could not be obtained without you unfreezing your credit. This doesn’t affect already open credit lines like an existing credit card, yet helps to protect you against someone opening new lines of credit in your name.

4. Keep in the Know

Finally, try to keep in the loop on the Anthem Breach. The best source for current information about this breach can be found at Anthem’s Frequently Asked Questions. (

MutualBank is here to help inform you of ways to help protect against identity theft. Thank you for trusting us.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


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