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MutualBank is here to help you prepare for the future.  Maybe it's the unexpected refrigerator going out or maybe it's the planned family vacation.  Whatever your need is, let MutualBank help you prepare.

Statement Savings  |  Open Now!
With these savings accounts only a small amount is needed to open the account. There are little or no fees and deposits and withdrawals are allowed at anytime. Take advantage of our competitive rates with interest compounding quarterly. You also have the options of receiving a monthly statement and using an ATM to access your account.

Daily Money Market Account
This savings plan offers you a higher interest rate while allowing you to continue making withdrawals and unlimited deposits. Per statement cycle, you can make six withdrawals in person; six by check, six by transfer to another account or a mix.

A tax advantaged retirement account could be the best investment you ever make. Plans include daily access or terms from 90 days to 71 months. After consulting with your tax advisor, this program may be just what you're looking for. Check out our current plans.

Certificates of Deposit  | Open Now!
We offer flexible certificates with terms ranging from 7 days to 71 months, or you can choose your own term. The minimum deposit can start as low as $2500. Also, the interest you earn can often be withdrawn, transferred, or we can send you a check.

Other Certificates of Deposit

Includes a special discount on closing costs for home purchases financed with MutualBank.

Requires a minimum deposit weekly, biweekly, or monthly as a convenient way to save.

Offers a negotiable rate usually higher than other CDs.

We offer several other flexible certificates of deposit. Ask your banking advisor about these savings programs today.



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  • MutualBank Announces the Promotion of Josh Baker to Commercial Banker

    MARION, INDIANA – Previously serving as Commercial...

    Wednesday, April 27, 2016


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Security Reminder / Fraud Texts & Calls

Some of our customers are receiving texts like the one pictured below or are receiving phone calls asking for their account information. If you do receive this text or any communication asking for your account information, DO NOT click on the link or provide any of your account information. Only log into your account via If you have received this text and have provided your account information, please contact us immediately (800-382-8031) so we can take measures to protect you.

Please be aware this is not a data breach. The texts are going to all Muncie cell phone numbers in a range. So far we are aware of 765-716-xxxx 765-717-xxxx and 765-729-xxxx and 765-724-xxxx. It is going to all of the numbers, not just MutualBank customers.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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