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When we say thank you, we mean it.

Anyone can say thank you, but not everyone can back it up with action. Your loyalty is important to us. So to thank you, we're rewarding you with UChoose Loyalty Rewards. All you have to do is kick back and let your money work for you. Earning points is easy. Go ahead! Get your wish list ready, and start adding up and redeeming those points. And remember, the more you do - the more you get.

Here's how everything works.  |  FAQs
To participate in MutualBank's UChoose Loyalty Rewards you must have a MutualBank checking account* with an active debit card and it must be registered at UChooseRewards.com. Registering is quick and easy. Just follow the steps at UChooseRewards.com, and we'll do the rest.

Earn points three different ways:
1. Debit Card and Credit Card Purchases:

  • Earn 1 point for every $2 when you complete a signature-based transaction. 
  • Earn additional points with each purchase when you shop at select retailers. See a complete list of participating retailers at UChooseRewards.com.  
2. Balances
  • Earn 1 point for every $1,000** of deposit, loan, investment or wealth management balances.
3. New Accounts
  • Earn one-time bonus points when you open a new product listed below:

New Product   Bonus Points
Deposit Products    
Savings account    1,000
Money Market   2,500
Health Savings Account   1,000
IRA (new money)***   1,000
Investment Products    
MutualFinancial Investment Services   5,000
MutualWealth Management Group   10,000
Mortgage****   10,000
Mortgage Refinance****   5,000
Home Equity/HELOC****   5,000
Consumer Loan****   5,000
Credit Card****   2,500

Want to see reward examples?
Visit the UChoose Rewards Demo site to see how it works. You will be required to login, just like you would when using the real UChooseRewards.com
Login with Username: demouser and Password: demouser

Start earning points today!
Manage your UChoose Rewards 'on the go' with the UChoose Rewards app for smartphones! Find it on iTunes® or Google Play today!



*You must have a MutualBank checking account with an active debit card that is registered for UChoose Loyalty Rewards. Register your debit card at UChooseRewards.com.
**Rounding occurs at the $500 mark. For example, an account with a monthly average balance of $1,000 will earn one loyalty point; an account with a monthly average balance of $1,200 will earn one loyalty point; an account with a monthly average balance of $1,600 will earn two loyalty points.
***New money is classified as money not currently on deposit with MutualBank, MutualFinancial Investment Services or MutualWealth Management Group.
****Subject to credit approval
*****Loyalty points are awarded within 45 days following month end. For example, loyalty points earned in October will be awarded to the customer's UChoose account in December. Points for accounts with multiple owners and multiple debit card will have points divided equally among registered owners, thus point totals are not duplicated. Loyalty points for certain promotions, such as the Abandon a World Where They Choose promotion, will be considered earned in the month in which your qualifying reward statement (and balance) from another financial institution is presented to and accepted by MutualBank.


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Security Reminder / Fraud Texts & Calls

Some of our customers are receiving texts like the one pictured below or are receiving phone calls asking for their account information. If you do receive this text or any communication asking for your account information, DO NOT click on the link or provide any of your account information. Only log into your account via bankwithmutual.com. If you have received this text and have provided your account information, please contact us immediately (800-382-8031) so we can take measures to protect you.

Please be aware this is not a data breach. The texts are going to all Muncie cell phone numbers in a range. So far we are aware of 765-716-xxxx 765-717-xxxx and 765-729-xxxx and 765-724-xxxx. It is going to all of the numbers, not just MutualBank customers.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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