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Our Values

Change is inevitable in any industry. The ability for a company to adapt and change however is directly related to how "changeless" its values are.


Our values aren't just posted on a wall somewhere.

They're our cultural identity and are lived out by our team members. While the financial services industry is ever-changing, how we treat our stakeholders (i.e. customers, employees, communities, shareholders, etc.) will not.


Any success that jeopardizes our integrity is worthless. Even when it's difficult, we exercise the highest standard of ethics and seek to do the right thing, always.


People don't care about how much you know until they know how much you care. In other words, compassion is THE prerequisite to building trusted, loyal, and beneficial relationships with balance to all stakeholders.


Like the most successful athletes, the most successful companies, are highly competitive. Our ultimate reward is the satisfaction of knowing that we've done our absolute best.


Every Experience stakeholders have with us, whether it's in person, with advertising or online, will impact their perception of MutualBank. Therefore, we ensure that every MutualBank touch-point maintains and improves our reputation in the marketplace.


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